I Hope It Gets Here Tomorrow

She felt every bit as weather-beaten and time-worn as the splintered, gray wood on which she stood. Sitting down on the top step, she rested her elbows on her knees and, with both hands, brought the pretty red and white polka dotted mug to her lips. As she sat sipping her morning tea, she watched the dog she loved so much sprint after a rabbit she would never catch. Neither the quick-like-a-bunny bunny nor the big, silly dog was aware of the chain link barrier that separated them, assuring one’s safety and the other’s failure.

“This isn’t right,” she thought. Labor Day was a memory. The big sweet gum tree that she hated, (and loved,) had decorated the back yard with a smattering of citron-colored leaves. Just down the road, a happy-faced scarecrow and a family of pumpkins sat beside big pots of luscious, colorful mums on the neighbors’ front porch. Officially, it was autumn. But it was too hot. And too humid. “It should be cooler than this. I need it to be cooler than this.”

An almost smile ghosted across her face as the dog gave up chasing the rabbit to dance with a butterfly that waltzed just above her nose. Across the road, the trees shivered with excitement at the touch of a light, mellow breeze. The sky was blue, birds were singing and morning glories were blooming on the fence. In spite of the clinging, soggy heat, it was a pretty day. Yes, it was a very pretty day, but it brought her no joy.

Summer had been hard for her. In the season when the very clocks had been manipulated to ensure plentiful sunlight, her days had been dark. Like an over-protective mother, the humidity had knit a sweater from melancholy and draped it snugly around her shoulders. Oh, she was tired of feeling this way. She needed the crisp, cool darkness of autumn to wash over her and refresh her soul.

When the little wind tired of playing with the trees, it tiptoed over to where she sat steeping in her gloominess. Wrapping its soft, warm arms around her, it kissed her gently on both cheeks and then leaned in to murmur in her ear. “Hold on, my friend,” it breathed. “Fall is coming. It won’t be long.”

She took the last sip of her now cool tea, stood up and called to the dog. “I hope it’s tomorrow,” she said as she turned to open the back door. “I hope it gets here tomorrow.”


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11 Responses to I Hope It Gets Here Tomorrow

  1. Rebekah says:

    And there you are, my dear. Did you read my post today? Did you know how much you've been missed? I should have told you sooner. I'm glad you've come back with the arrival of fall. You and this season alike are a breath of fresh air.


  2. Dawn says:

    hi bee!
    oh how i've missed you! i am hoping that autumn comes to you quickly and can accomlpish what you need it to…the heat has been record breaking here, and i am ready for a cool breeze or two, myself. i will be anxiously awaiting the news of your autumn's arrival, and your smile 🙂


  3. Lovely post! The wind personified is quite charming! I always wonder if the woman in your posts is actually you….


  4. dede says:

    you should come here quickly – autumn has not only arrived but it is almost over and winter is when I wear my melancholy sweater. Must be why God gave us 4 seasons – a little something for everyone 🙂 Beautifully written – red and white polka dots are one of my favorite things!


  5. deb says:

    Oh what a thrill to read your words.
    I click here always, hoping. I started to organize one of those reader things but always forget to go there.
    This was beautiful!
    Hope you are doing well , and may we look forward to more?


  6. Have I ever told you that your writing always leaves me breathless? Your words are so powerful; I don't know if you even realize. Every time I read something that you've written, I smile and think, This wonderfully talented women is my mother. I am so very lucky.

    I love you,


  7. Brenda says:

    I found you from a comment on another blog, and had to come visit. I love the image of your polka-dotted mug, as I love polka-dotted everything! And I love the way your words, such beautiful yet melancholy thoughts, flow onto the screen and into my heart.


  8. Doodles says:

    is it tomorrow………….I miss your brilliant words


  9. Becky says:

    Has the wind kept its promise to you yet?


  10. Joycee says:

    Your words spoke to my heart! Thanks for following GrannyMountain!


  11. Tee says:

    I'm so glad you're back.


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